Ideate. Incubate.
Infinium is a startup factory designed to enhance
the entrepreneurial process from the very beginning.
Products launched
People reached
countries navigated
in numbers
up to $3M
investment per startup
hypotheses tested on average before pre-launch stage.
new ideas per week
Meet our team
Dawid Siekiera
Chief Executive Officer
Dawid is an experienced executive with an impressive track record in the FoodTech space. He has dedicated his career to navigating fast-paced environments and excels in transforming innovative ideas into impactful products and services.

In 2022, Infinium was established as a result of Dawid’s passion for FinTech, Cybersecurity, AI, and Productivity. As the culmination of his journey to date, the venture studio is focused on propelling the next generation of startups.
Mike Podlas
Chief Product Officer
Mike is startup veteran with over 15 years of experience across a range of sectors. He has traversed countless business models, author of multiple patents, and currently serves as both a startup mentor and guest lecturer.

Prior to joining Infinium, Mike was the Founder of Undatify. The UK-based cybersecurity startup became part of Kaspersky product portfolio in 2020 and shortly after he joined Innotech. As CPO of Innotech, Mike played a pivotal role in growing the venture studio which is owned by one of Eastern Europe’s largest banks.

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